Cavapoo Puppies

Cavapoo is the well liked, heart-melting crossbreed of the Cavalier King Charles spaniel and the miniature or toy poodle. A friendly social butterfly, she’s gentle with people and other pets and loves to be where you are all the time. A Cavapoo is a great pup for first-time puppy owners, families in search of a lovely playmate for children, or seniors who want an endearing companion.

Cavapoo Temperament

“Cavapoo breeders have produced a hybrid from the soothing but fun-loving disposition of a Cavalier King Charles spaniel and the non-peeling, hypoallergenic miniature poodle,” he says. This means a Cavapoo can be your faithful BFF and dedicate nice attention to you and your family. She’s sensitive to human feeling and understands right away when you need extra doggie passion.

Cavapoo Size

Most weigh in at nine to twenty five pounds and range in height from 9 to fourteen inches at the elbow. That said, many can be larger or smaller.

Cavapoo Care

It’s a nice thing this puppy loves people, because Cavapoo grooming requires a lot of awareness. Let’s start with that affluent coat.

“Be prepared for  nonstop grooming, and save accordingly for this valuable aspect of maintenance,” Singletary says. “Normal grooming can prevent virus of the ears, eyes, and skin, so it shouldn’t be ignored as an important aspect of your puupies health.”

Cavapoo Personality

This makes Cavapoos pretty easy to train, as they are excited to please. Cavapoos can be powerful too, which makes them great when it comes to agility and obedience competitions. As they can be somewhat attached-at-the-hip, it is important to train your Cavapoo early so they know how to be singly.

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