Try to care for the puppies for the first 8 weeks of their journey. After that, hand them off to wonderful, caring families whom you trust will give their puppy all the love and affection they need. On occasion, we receive updated photos of the puppies as they’re growing. On this page we will be sharing the updated photos we receive for you to enjoy as well.

Mini Bernedoodles are a first generation cross of the Bernese peak puppies and a Mini poodle meaning they are 50% Bernese peak puppy making it harder to determine the adult size of a puppy.

Size and Weight range of a Full grown Mini Bernedoodle

On average, a full-grown Mini Bernedoodle stands between eighteen to twenty two inches large at the shoulder and weighs approximately twenty five to fifty pounds. The normal size and weight of a full grown Mini Bernedoodle can vary be contingent on detail such as food & drink, genetics, and workout. However, individual puppies may fall outside of this line up, so it’s essential to consider the specific characteristics of each puppies when determining their size and weight.

Exploring Size Ranges

Have you ever think about the different sizes that Bernedoodles come in? From very small to medium, these lovable designer breeds offer a range of options for pet lovers.

Very Small Sized Bernedoodles

Very Small Bernedoodles are known for their jolly nature and affectionate charm. They thrive on human friendship and enjoy being part of the family. Due to their petite stature, they require less space compared to big puppies, making them suitable for flat living or homes with limited outdoor areas.

Medium Sized Bernedoodles

Due to their huge frame, medium Bernedoodles require sufficient space both indoors and outdoors. They enjoy long walks, hitch up in nature, and plenty of room to stretch their legs. Regular walk is essential to keep them physically fit and mentally tonic. Engaging in activities such as obedience training or quickness courses can provide the mental dare they crave while strengthening the bond between pet and owner.